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    Donating to the project

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    Donating to the project

    Post by Shippuu on Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:47 pm

    To donate to the development of Vindictus Manual, click below:

    Donate Through PayPal (Link Removed, No Site Now)

    Q: Donate? What is this?

    Vindictus Manual is my personal project, born from a wish to use my programming experience to make playing Vindictus less of a hassle. In early 2013, I released the Armory, with only the ability to calculate total gear stats; no buffs, no boss stat calculations, and only six characters even existed. Ever since then, bit by bit, I've been building upon what I had, and creating new things, expanding and evolving to what is here now. It has grown from being that small page hosted with the help of West's guild Ambition, to a full site resting upon its own Web location and domain name.

    Moving to being a full fledged site was vital to the continued evolution of Vindictus Manual; but I am a college student, and this is not free. Through some trickery and lots of luck, I have stabilized my site on free hosting, and thus mitigated the majority of the costs of hosting the site. This still leaves the annual domain name fee of $18, but as a result of some of the work required to deal with a site issue in May, I have paid off the domain name up until 2018 (thanks to a few generous donations earlier this year). As a result, I'd be lying if I said I had any costs to deal with for the next two years.

    I have committed to never running ads on my site itself, due to the security issues and hassles involved in the presence of ads for both myself and the users of the site. (The forums are owned by Forumotion, and the particular ads on them give their earnings to Forumotion, in exchange for allowing free use of their software).

    With everything said and done, in the end I am doing what I do purely as charity work for the community. If you'd like to tip some money in appreciation toward the site, please do click the link above, I'd greatly appreciate it. Don't feel obligated to do so though, there are no looming bills for the site itself.

    Q: ...But why wasn't the button around before, then?

    Anything involving monetary transactions, even when donating, needs to be taken pretty seriously. There were many things I needed to set up with PayPal for this to work, and that involved a time investment; time that was already being spent on the Forums/Archives. Given the choice of dealing with lots of legal stuff, or making more neat things, my choice was pretty quick. I've been putting this inevitable step off long enough though, and finally buckled in to get it all set up this week.

    Anyone with a PayPal account is able to donate, and may freely select the amount they choose to donate. PayPal takes the first 30 cents or so of every donation, but it's worth it for the guaranteed security. I may look into secondary options for sending donations later on, but most that I am immediately aware of (such as Bitcoin) are very complicated and not at all user friendly.

    Q: Are there any perks for donating?

    I greatly appreciate any donations, but I don't really have anything to offer beyond my appreciation.

    Theoretically I could offer some kind of perk such as an "I donated!" banner on these forums, but I am extremely hesitant to. Such things tend to not end well, nomatter what they are. Donate because you want to, or even don't donate because you don't want to as the case may be. Don't feel forced to or pressured to because you want to "buy" some feature or bragging right.

    Q: ...Why did this suddenly move to the forums?

    Apparently, as an anti-scam functionality on the server of my Web Host, Paypal links like that cause the page to get automatically blocked. as a security thing. For this reason, I've moved the Donate information to this forum.

    As a plus, you can even reply to this now.

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