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    Vindictus Manual: About costs and ads

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    Vindictus Manual: About costs and ads

    Post by Shippuu on Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:06 am

    In Discord, several times others have had misconceptions about money-related things, mostly relating to these forums. This isn't announcing any changes, I just want to clarify what is going on with the forums, about the oddities on them compared to my site itself (namely, that I declared I would not host ads, and yet ads are here).

    The Forum

    This forum is powered and hosted by Forumotion. I am paying nothing to have it and make use of it. Instead, to be able to afford to offer this, they embed advertisements onto the forum. Forumotion is a big company, unlike me, so they can properly manage their advertisements to not include audio bullshit or anything else.

    These advertisements also include insertion of hyperlinks into text, which has led to confusion recently, particularly with the Future Update Timeline thread.

    All of the advertisements on the forum directly pay to Forumotion, not to me, I do not make income from these. The money I maintain Vindictus Manual with comes purely from donations. For details on that, please read this thread explaining about donations, if you haven't already.

    Further to this, it is against the Forumotion ToS to remove, hide, interfere with, etc, the advertisements. So, this means I cannot prevent either type of advertisements, which is perfectly fair.

    To prevent confusion between ad links and actual links, I have added an additional CSS tag to style the ad links in a way that specifically declares them to be advertisements. They are still fully functional links, and still stand out as normal links do, but you will now know what you are clicking when you click on them. This should be a fair compromise that does not break the Forumotion ToS.

    The Site Structure

    Occasionally, all of Forumotion itself has been experiencing extreme lag, or even downtime, recently. During these times, you will notice that the rest of my site is perfectly fine. This is because the forum is completely separate from my actual site, it is not even hosted by the same company. This is probably extremely apparent for the time being, without the Domain Name masking it.

    ...As a quick note on that subject, the Subdomain will be returning in the near-ish future. It has actually been working again for a few weeks, but I wanted to let it sit and see what happened first. Even now, you could resume using the forums.vindictusmanual.com link, and it would function completely normally.

    Upkeep Costs

    My donation explanation thread already covers this in detail, so I will only briefly go over it again here.

    For a one year-ish period, until May of this year, Vindictus Manual was on paid hosting and I had hoped to maintain it that way, to support certain more intensive features. That ended up not happening due to a lack of donations, so I fell back to free hosting. As a result, the annual costs of maintaining the site decreased from $104 a year to $18 a year (Domain Name fees only). Ontop of this, due to some technical snags during this time, my Domain Name is now paid till 2017, so my costs till then are zero.

    That said, while I don't *expect* to be given money just for having made the site, tipping me with donations is a way of showing appreciation for the site, and certainly helps with my motivation to keep working more on it.

    If there are any subjects about the site I forgot to cover, ask about them here and I will answer any relevant questions.

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