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    Upcoming Address Change

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    Upcoming Address Change

    Post by Gallagher on Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:44 am

    On Saturday, September 3rd, the subdomain will be reapplied to these forums. What this means is that when you click the links on the site nav bar, you will be directed to http://forums.vindictusmanual.com instead of vindmanual.forumotion.com. This is a visual difference only, it will still be exactly the same forums with the same accounts. However, due to how login cookies work, you will likely need to log in again, due to the different address.

    Old links/bookmarks directing to the raw address will continue to function as they do now, so if you really don't want to switch, you don't have to. You just won't have access to the Vindictus Manual localStorage data on the forums once the v3 revamps are complete, since it is a different address from the main site. Currently there is nothing going on with that, but v3 will add further settings options to the forums using it (such as hiding all signatures, all avatars, etc).

    When the forums were originally opened to the public in May, this was the address they used, but it was briefly removed due to an issue on Forumotions end, where they were redirecting to the wrong site. After several months since, the subdomain seems to have been stable. Due to how localStorage works, and for general tidiness, this will be a last shot at using the subdomain.

    Whatever caused the issue on Forumotion's end was likely a one time thing, but precautions are never a bad thing. If the redirection takes you to ANY site or page that does not have the Vindictus Manual Forums header image, then something has gone wrong — that is not the right site. If this happens, contact Shippuu immediately via either email, Discord PM, or forum PM.

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