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    My Domain Name's 403 Error

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    My Domain Name's 403 Error

    Post by Shippuu on Mon May 15, 2017 5:31 am

    So my actual site vanished, some may have noticed. This wasn't voluntary, but I'll give a recap of what happened to cause the direct termination of it. Since I closed down actual use of it many months ago, I am not reopening it anywhere; that wouldn't make sense to do.

    On April 27, biz.nf automatically billed me to renew my domain name. I requested it be refunded and the automated billing cancelled, which they agreed to both of, and said both were done.

    On May 15 (today) I was billed again. They refused to refund me initially, and when I asked again, they refunded me then banned my account with them. This makes no sense, but whatever, I still have the time on the domain name that I paid for.

    I still own the domain name until May 2018, and I will see about redirecting it to my forums in the meantime, instead of that silly 403 error. EDIT: They are refusing me access to the domain name until I pay them the amount they fraudulently billed me and were forced to refund. I think that I will just leave it like this and let it serve as a billboard to not use their service.

    In the event that the domain name stops working entirely, my forums are located at vindmanual.forumotion.com. On August 1, I will deactivate the domain name over my forums. At that point, only vindmanual.forumotion.com will be able to access them. Please make sure to update any bookmarks and etc by then. You can go ahead and use that address now if you want.

    If you suddenly get taken to a different looking site, or a whole different site entirely, by the domain, notify me ASAP. I will not be redesigning my forums or relocating them, so this would mean my web host is doing shady stuff and I would need to counteract it.

    Just wanted to post this to provide an explanation to what is going on.

    And additionally as recommendation to never use biz.nf.

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