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    Miri the 12th Character (KR July)

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    Miri the 12th Character (KR July)

    Post by Shippuu on Sun May 21, 2017 1:15 am

    We were given a teaser video and a release date of July 2017.

    Here is the video:

    They were incredibly sloppy with the Test Server, or just not concerned about leaks, one of, so we have a fair bit of info about Miri now.

    Weapon: Draker (드레이커)
    Stat Type: Unknown
    Gameplay Style: According to the creation info, she uses Counter Attacks and Combos, I think the label would be.

    Based on the creation info, we can assume that she has a DPS method revolving in some way around countering attacks. Hurk and Vella are the only characters with the same flags as Miri, for gameplay. She seems to be rated neither Fast nor Slow, though.

    Several buffs are present in the data:

    The biggest spoiler is skill_miri_dragon_transform. It lasts 120 seconds, invokes dragonknight_transform, grants 25 Attack Speed, as well as what I think is 8 Stamina/sec for 40 seconds.

    There are two Resonance buffs. One gives +25% damage to smashes in dragonknight form. The other grants +20 max stamina while it is on.

    There are five stacks of Dragon Trace, which seem to be something that you build up to unleash Resonance.

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