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    The forum state - Still not finished polishing

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    The forum state - Still not finished polishing

    Post by Shippuu on Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:05 am

    December 2016 addendum:

    The forums didn't really take off much, so I never dedicated much time into fixing these. It's actually been so long that my capabilities and plans have changed. I plan to remodel most of the forum theme, to eliminate most all of the images used for buttons/icons/etc. As well as some other fixes. But this won't happen until after Vindictus Manual V3 is live.

    I made the decision to release the forums not quite 100% finished, but only 99% or so there, based on many factors. Primarily, the more time I spent ironing out small things I didn't like, the further the goalpost for completion moved away from me. Putting it in perspective, I've been "a hair off done" for weeks now. Rather than continue that infinite loop for any longer, I'll cut it off now and open the forums now.

    There are still a few default-style buttons/icons/etc. These will be tackled as I spot them. There are still a few lopsided buttons/elements; I will go back and tidy those up once the remaining elements are styled properly.

    The Custom BBCodes I've added are a new concept to me, so they may run into issues I have not foreseen. Please bear with me on this, I will fix any issues that arise with them as they appear, but there may be a learning curve.

    During this period, any and all feedback on things is welcome. Please note though that it is in the works to have multiple unique forum themes to switch between, with separate color styles for each. If you *really* don't like this forum theme, you can propose your own in the Forum Feedback section. If it's good, and people like it, it may just be implemented (with credit given, of course).

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